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In the month of November our 1-year anniversary event the community covered a wide plethora of topics. The first topic to be discussed was how to go serverless with Laravel Vapor. Laravel Vapor is an auto-scaling, serverless deployment platform for Laravel, powered by AWS Lambda. Its features include Zero-downtime deployments and rollbacks, Redis Cache management, including cluster scaling, Database management, including point-in-time restores and scaling, Auto-scaling web / queue infrastructure fine-tuned for Laravel, Automatic uploading of assets to CloudFront CDN during deployment and Application, database, and cache metrics. Further we discussed why should we choose Laravel Vapor and it benefits.

For our second topic we discussed Laravel broadcast, events and pusher. Advanced knowledge in building real time application using broadcast via WebSocket. With a demo of real time chat app built in Vue.JS and Laravel. For our third topic we covered Advance JavaScript Lexical Scope, Scope Chain and Hoisting.


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Rahil Memon

Rahil Memon

Software Engineer

Murtaza Bharmal

Murtaza Bharmal

Web Developer

Hiren Dave

Hiren Dave

Partner and CTO at TheDesignShop


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