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In our February meetup, the community discussed Pillars of OOP like Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance & Polymorphism.

Encapsulation in OOP puts things in an object in a container and organizes them into units that model real-world applications. To put things into perspective, we wrap code into boxes that are related to one another so that these boxes can just interact with each other using the methods and properties that we make available.

Abstraction means hiding the complexity from the user. The idea of abstraction claims, “hey here are the methods and properties that you can use. Don't worry about everything else. I'll do all the calculations behind the scenes. This reduces complexity because we can just see the methods and understand what this class can do.”

Inheritance helps avoid having to rewrite the same code and we also save memory space by having shared methods.

Polymorphism means many forms. It describes the concept of overloading and overriding. Overriding is overwriting the method of the parent class. Overloading means having multiple methods with the same name but different number or type of parameter


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