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In our December meetup, the community discussed Laravel Observers. Imagine that you are controlling creating, retrieving, updating, deleting process while dealing with the database, not just that but you also can control once the process is finished. This can be done through with powerful events know as Observers.

An observer watches for specific things that happen within eloquent such as saving, saved, deleting, deleted. Why use Observers? Keeps the controllers lean. Using observers will allow controllers to do what they’re supposed to do. Receive requests and return responses. By using observers, you are handing more of the logic over to the model layer which is generally seen to be good practice nowadays. Maintainable code. By abstracting some of your logic into observers, you are organizing your code base and defining design standards which will be more easily understood by the developers working on the code base in the future. Provides reusable code by avoiding repeating yourself, you minimize bugs and localize them.

To provide you a perspective, imagine your application is growing, and you have to listen to most of the above events in your model, listening to the events within the model will make your model very big and messy of course.

Using model observers, you can group all your events into a single class. All method names in the observer class will reflect on the event you are listening to.

Apart from Laravel Observers, we also held continuation sessions on core concepts of Laravel and Advanced JavaScript.


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